Use Case

Global Asset Tracking

Know the location of your shipment anywhere it is 24/7. Use our solution to get actionable data and deep insights into your Supply Chain. Our compact low cost GPS tracking devices will report on the location of your mobile assets, domestic or international shipments and small parcels, regardless of transportation mode or physical location. Our devices communicate while they are on trucks, trains, planes, ocean vessels, over difficult terrain, even inside buildings. All of our devices come ready to go with a fully charged battery and a cellular/data plan that works in 234 countries. 

Status Monitoring

Leveraging the power of the Internet of Things, our GPS tracking devices will send you an email alert to any changes in the physical conditions or environment of your mobile assets or 3rd party shipments regardless of who has custody of them or where they are located. Sensors on board the device can monitor temperature, shock, light, barometric pressure, motion, and battery level. This valuable data can give you the kind of insights and control you need to make strategic adjustments or prevent disruptions in your Supply Chain.

Inventory Management

Our clever low cost Beacons allow you to see your pallets, cages or mobile equipment anywhere you wish to monitor their location. This tiny device is easily attached to any item and communicates through our compact mobile Internet Gateway or fixed Hub using GPS and Cellular networks. This solution can be used in the warehouse to track inventory and speed cycle counts, monitor the location of medical equipment in a hospital, or can be quickly deployed as a Yard Management Solution. Another use is as an effective method for keeping track of exhibit and display properties moving into and out of warehouses or Convention Centers where items are readily misplaced or lost. Our IoT connected Hub and beacon technology also offers you an inexpensive alternative to RFID and Bar Code systems.

IoT + GPS + Sensors = Supply Chain Visibility & Control

Our technology leverages the power of the Internet of Things to provide you with actionable data and deep insights into your supply chain. Know when and where damage may have occurred. Get alerts if a package is opened prematurely. Or be able to pinpoint when a temperature excursion happened.

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TrackerSense arrives ready to work with a fully charged battery, a one year cellular/data plan included, and coverage in 167 countries with one SIM card