Know Location

Remember the last time you were waiting for a shipment or package to arrive and you couldn't get good tracking information from the carrier's Website? Either the carrier reports that it's "on the truck for delivery" or it's somewhere between where it was picked up and where it will deliver. Forget about calling them, you know you're not going to get a human voice on the line. With our low cost GPS tracking devices you can pinpoint your shipment's location within 20' of wherever it is.

Using GPS and Cellular communications, our devices will report the location of your assets while on trucks, planes, or ships, even inside buildings. You will be able to make informed decisions in the event of a shipment delay. It might be possible to intercept the item and have it re-routed using a faster mode of transport. Or, you could ship another item if you have an important customer at risk. Either way, having this valuable asset intelligence will give you greater control over your Supply Chain and improve your bottom line by having more satisfied customers.

Detect Theft

Did you ever receive a package and open it only to find some items were missing or that the box was empty altogether? Our tracking devices come with sensors on board to detect light. If your package is opened before it arrives at its intended destination, you will receive an email alert notifying you immediately. Since your alert comes to you in real-time, you could notify law enforcement and possibly avert a theft.

When you are shipping bulk items by truck, ocean container, or by rail, if a door is opened by an unauthorized party, you will be notified immediately by email and can report the event to the authorities. Knowing exactly where and when your shipment or package was compromised could allow you to intervene and prevent theft from occurring.

Pinpoint Damage

Did you ever have a parcel arrive crushed, punctured, or worse, had items inside that were broken? You've heard the stories in the media of how some carriers mishandle freight and small packages. It's not unusual for something to get bumped, dropped, or even intentionally damaged during transit.

Our tracking devices come equipped with shock and vibration sensors that will detect and report the item was dropped. Your email alert will come to you in real time allowing you to know exactly where and when the damage occurred. If you purchased replacement value insurance from your carrier, you run the risk of loss unless you can prove the damage happened while in the carrier's custody. Our Global GPS tracking and monitoring device will confirm the time and place the incident occurred and will arm you with the proof necessary to prevail in your damage claim

Temperature Excursions

Have you ever shipped something that was frozen or required refrigeration and had it arrive spoiled? Remember how difficult it was to get your carrier to accept responsibility, if at all? Our tracking devices come equipped with temperature sensors. Prior to shipping, you can set the device to detect any variations in temperature that you don't want exceeded. If a temperature excursion does happen, you will immediately receive an email alert notifying you of where and when the event occurred.

With the recently updated FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), you need the kind of protection our devices provide. In the event that your temperature tolerances are exceeded, you will have the ability to prove where spoilage occurred and in whose custody the goods were when it happened. Knowing this information could save you from expensive fines, a lawsuit, or worse-jail time for violating the newly updated Government regulations.


Our devices report on the location of your assets as well as their physical condition. Armed with this valuable asset intelligence, you will make smarter logistics decisions.