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Locate-Now! is partnered with TrakerSense LTD. Designed and manufactured in the UK, TrackerSense devices come is several models. A disposable unit with GPS location tracking can be purchased for less than $150.00. The reusable version with sensors to report location, monitor light, temperature, shock, barometric pressure, and battery level, can be purchased for under $400.00. Every unit arrives ready to go work with worldwide GPS coverage, cellular service and a one year data plan included. 

You can also rent a single use device from us for as little as $79.95. This will allow you to track, monitor and control the device yourself. Or, if you prefer, for an additional $20.00 we will monitor the device and initiate interventions if required. Pricing includes programming the device sensors to your specification and shipping it to you. Use the device for up to 7 days to track and monitor your valuable items. Once your shipment is complete, we'll even arrange to have the device picked up and returned to us free of charge. 

TrackerSence has also designed a clever Hub and Beacon Solution for inventory management. Our tiny beacons can be attached to pallets, cages or any mobile asset to report its location through an Internet gateway called the Hub. Paring hundreds or even thousands of these Beacons in unison will allow you to monitor assets whether they are in the warehouse, traveling in combination with a TrackerSense mobile gateway, or anywhere else asset tracking and monitoring is required.

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