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The Internet of Things • Sensor Based Logistics

Locate-Now! is a Channel Partner for developers of the world's most advanced, long lasting, cost effective tracking and telemetry devices available. Our shipment tracking devices not only report the location of your asset anywhere in the world, they also confirm its physical condition and current environment. Our most advanced device also detects motion, shock, light, temperature, pressure, and battery level. Our desktop and mobile software provides you with valuable asset intelligence that will give you predictive insights and visibility across all modes of transportation. These technologies will help you harness the power of the Internet of Things using Sensor Based Logistics enabling you to make smarter logistics decisions, and take control of your supply chain.


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Reduce costs, avoid delays, and improve customer satisfaction with shipment tracking devices from Locate-Now! We are a Channel Partner for developers of the highest quality tracking and telemetry devices available today. Our technology not only keeps track of your asset's location, but also has sensors on board that will detect and report on their condition anywhere they are located on the planet. Our low cost devices and user friendly software will allow you to see, track and know what is happening with your assets in real-time.

With more than 35 years of experience in transportation and logistics, our team knows how stressful and costly the shipping process can be. We will help you take control of your supply chain by providing valuable insights on shipment location, its current environment, and any disruption that may affect its schedule. Armed with this powerful data you will be prepared to make smarter logistics decisions and improve your bottom line.